4 Tips for Choosing the Right Exhaust Fan for Your Bathroom

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Vent Fans for Your Bathroom

When you are building a new house or renovating your old one, it is the various small decisions that you make that count towards actually making your house a dream home. Right from various fixtures to giving finishing touches to different parts of your house change the very feel of your home. Choosing something as simple as bathroom extractor fans can also affect how your bathroom, one of the most important areas of your house, look.

Right Vent Fans for Your Bathroom

Where Are They Used?

These fans are usually used in those areas of your house where there is often moisture or some unpleasant smell. Bathroom and utilities are some of the places where you would find these extractors fans or vent fans, as they are referred by few. Its main aim it to extract or vent out all the moisture in that particular room so that the dry walls, wood or other materials in the area remain protected from moisture.

Areas that are usually damp see mold growth in and around them; these extractor fans stop that from happening. It is not just about aesthetic reasons why you should select the right extractor fans but also for your health reasons. Molds are usually associated with a variety of health issues and the right type of extractor fans can help you keep these issues at bay.

Choosing the Right Vent Fans

Choosing the Right Vent Fans

Along with venting out the moisture, these fans also help in extracting heat from a room, which in turn helps in saving your air conditioning bills. Let us take a look at 4 important tips that can help you choose the right vent fans for your house.

  • Choose something that Looks Good or isn’t seen much: Don’t pick something with unusual design and looks as it would unnecessarily catch negative attention. So go with something that doesn’t catch too much of attention away from the beautiful aesthetics of your bathroom or utility rooms. These fans are usually fixed in the ceiling and you don’t want something very modern fitted in a rather old styled room.


  • Number and Size are Important: While huge bathrooms may have two extractor fans in them but having more than one in a medium or small size bathroom would create unnecessary suction effect, which would be pretty annoying. On the other hand, few bathrooms would benefit better with two vent fans than one. So make sure you take a look at the specification of the vent fans you are choosing so that they fit your requirements.
  • Number of Fans for your House: Now we are not talking about one particular space like a bathroom but the total number of such fans needed for your home. Along with coming handy for your bathrooms, they can also be useful for getting rid of cooking heat, cigarette smoke or moisture from your laundry room.

Bath Exhaust Fan

  • Don’t Fall for the Model that makes Least Noise: Noise can sometimes be a good thing, so don’t blindly go for the vent fans with least noise. Surveys suggest that bathroom users usually prefer a fan that makes some noise as they may make unattractive and unpleasant sounds while being in the bathroom. They believe noisier fans help those sounds not leak out of the bathroom; however, this doesn’t usually happen.

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