4 Tips on Accessorizing Your Bathroom

Put the finishing touches on your bathroom space with these bathroom accessory ideas, including: vanities, shelves & medicine cabinets, mirrors, floor rugs and decorative accessories.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Below are 4 tips on accessorizing bathrooms:

Vanities, Shelves & Medicine Cabinets

  • If there is space on the wall adjacent to the sink, consider adding a hotel shelf to hold folded towels of various sizes right in the bathroom.
  • Install a toilet tissue holder within arm’s reach of the toilet bowl. Consider an open ended design for ease of changing the roll.
  • Place wire baskets in the corners of the shower. Vary both the heights and the depths of the baskets to help hold soap, shampoo and other items in a method that will not collect water or soap scum.
  • Place at least one medicine cabinet in the bathroom. This can be placed on a wall adjacent to the sink or on a wall adjacent to the shower to help keep things right at hand.
  • Install a shelf directly above the sink, below the mirror, to hold small toiletries.
  • Place a soap holder and toothbrush holder either on the wall above the sink or directly on the sink itself.
  • Use an over-the-john cabinet above the toilet to hold additional toiletries and tissue in bathrooms without vanity cabinets or extra storage. Source: wikiHow

Get a large mirror and mount it above the vanity or sink. It will reflect the light and spread it around the room, and increase visual space. A large round mirror with interesting frames is always a great choice. Try to add two rectangular mirrors, or a grouping of smaller mirrors, leaving a small portion of space between them. It will look compelling, while still reflecting your head and torso. On the other hand, you can also try to make your old mirror more stylish by simply adding a decorative frame cover for achieving a classy and chic look. Inspiration is everywhere, you can even get amazing ideas just by looking at Sydney bathroom renovations showrooms. Remember, since you won’t have enough place for two mirrors, go with the one that you will use when you wash your face, or shave. A full length mirror should definitely go next to your wardrobe, where your clothes are. Therefore, do not exaggerate. Source: StrategiesOnline

Floor Rugs

  • Include pretty washable area rugs for color, pattern, and warmth for cool feet. Treat yourself and your room to several in different patterns — and change them when your mood changes.
  • And don’t forget the little things — scented candles, potpourri, fresh flowers from your own garden, sachet packets for drawers, and a display of pretty bottles (perhaps with different fragrances). Source:  Dummies

Decorative Accessories
This photo illustrates a couple of great examples!  If you’re slightly nervous about hanging art in your bath or powder room, gallery-style is the answer. Simply gather a collection of art you love.  Anything goes. You can arrange pictures close together or far apart. Watercolors can stay together or let them mingle with photographs; frames and sizes can be matched or mismatched. You can even work in some dimensional pieces like the letter “C” here or a clock.  Whether it’s an entire powder room or a portion of one wall in your master bath – a gallery-style display can take you “outside the box” and let your creativity shine! Source: SimpleBathOhio

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