4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom

As you plan on how you’ll tackle each room in your house for your annual deep clean, remember the following tips once it’s time to go over the bathroom:

Photo by Jelena Ardila on Unsplash

Arrange things neatly in a clear drawer
Clear plastic drawers are the “little black dress” of organizing, says Barbara Reich, a professional organizer. Use them in every room of the house. They’re great in the bathroom when used to divide and organize drawers or to make great use of space under the bathroom sink. When they get dusty, clear them of their contents and wash them in the dishwasher. Source: CountryLiving

Wipe the toilet clean
Take a few minutes to get that porcelain throne shining. Spray the toilet seat, lid, rim and base with equal parts vinegar and water. Allow to sit for a few minutes, then wipe clean with a microfiber cloth, starting with the lid and working down to the base. Sprinkle inside the toilet bowl with baking soda. Scrub with a toilet brush and flush. Source: Today

Don’t overlook the ceiling
The ceiling often gets forgotten. But when you’ll be sitting in the tub relaxing you’ll be facing this part of the room so clean in, dust the corners and take care of any mold-related problems if there are any. Source: Homedit

Scrub the grime off the walls
Clean soap scum on shower walls and glass doors with a damp dryer sheet. For more stubborn buildup, combine equal parts hot white vinegar and liquid dish soap in a spray bottle. Spray the shower walls and let this solution stay in place for at least 4 hours — overnight is better — then wash it away with hot water. Source: HousewifeHowTos

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