4 Home Design Trends For 2018

Remodeling your home to make it look refreshed can help you get motivated about pursuing your other goals this year. The following trends can help you create a concept for your project:

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Sunken Bathtubs
Who needs a trip to a boutique hotel when you can enjoy spa-style pampering in your own home? To create an indulgent bath experience, make your tub the star of the scheme. For a truly sculptural look, opt for a bateau or slipper-shaped tub, and make a statement by sitting it in the middle of your room.

If that’s not possible, putting your bath on a raised platform or sinking it into the floor will make it a stand-out feature. Source: IdealHome

More Storage
Bathrooms with minimal storage are out; practicality is back in. But storage doesn’t have to mean ugly: there are many beautiful ways to add storage space to your bathroom, without getting in the way of your decor style. Source: TheSpruce

Vintage Lighting
Vintage light fixtures, including sconces, lanterns, pendants and chandeliers, are making a comeback as crafty home do-it-yourselfers outfit retro fixtures with new technology.

“I find that vintage fixtures are often better-made than new fixtures, I prefer their patina, and I appreciate the distinctive, one-of-a-kind quality they add to rooms,” designer and Today show style expert Elizabeth Mayhew wrote in The Washington Post. “Online shopping platforms such as 1stDibs, Etsy and One Kings Lane have made it easy to find everything from an early-20th-century French crystal chandelier to a ’60s Sputnik.” Source: TheStar

While maximalist interiors could hit the mainstream this year, at the other end of the scale, minimalists are opting for calming tonal interiors that layer shades of the same color. “From a consumer standpoint, the tone-on-tone look takes a lot of self-control and discipline, but the results are very sophisticated,” says Rees, who believes the trend will take off in the coming year. Source: InteriorDesign

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