4 Checklist Items To Consider Before Starting Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most common and popular home improvement projects.  However, there are things you have to consider before you embark on this journey. Below are points from 4 checklists for you to read before you start on your next bathroom renovation project.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Ask around for contractor recommendations. While it’s not necessary to talk to a contractor yet, it’s a good time to start poking around for recommendations from local hardware stores, friends, and professional business associations. Then, when you’re ready to make the call, you’ll have a ready list of names.
Hire a contractor. With a few months to go before demolition, it’s a good time to bring in a licensed contractor. Ask a few to look at your drawings and make sure your plan—adding two shower heads, installing a Jacuzzi tub, etc.—is possible. Review estimates, check references thoroughly, and sign contracts. At this point, the contractor should commit to a start date, create a timeline of when he needs materials, and estimate when the project will be complete. Most bathroom renovations take about six weeks from start to finish. Don’t let any work begin without a signed contract. Source: ElleDecor

The ultimate question that needs to be addressed in every home improvement project before anything else is how much can we spend on this remodel. Whether you are updating your basement, adding a new room to your home or completely gutting your bathroom, you need to create a budget and stick to it. Budgets don’t only keep contractors under control, but it makes sure homeowners stay within their absolute needs before it is too late.
As we referenced recently in Benefits of Remodeling Bathrooms, master bathroom remodels on average cost approximately $16,000. Given that bathrooms are some of the most trafficked rooms in the house, homeowners can sometimes get carried with the update. A budget keeps homeowners and contractors on an even keel to ensure their heads or aspirations are not getting any larger than their pockets. This idea holds very true as we move onto to our second question all homeowners need to ask before any bathroom remodel. Source: ImproveNet

Many people are under the impression that bathroom remodeling will take only a few days. This is not always the case. Depending upon how many things you are modifying in the bathroom, your remodeling expert will have to plan accordingly. This plan will include not only the actual duration of renovation work, but also factors such as purchasing, ordering, and receiving fixtures, tiles, cabinets, and so on. Planning time becomes vital for those homeowners having only a single bathroom in their home as they will have to make the alternative arrangements. Source: GoalConstruction

Hidden problems
If you are doing a major upgrade to your bathroom consider doing a “full gut”. When done by a professional with expertise you end up with a zero problems bathroom that will function flawlessly and add tremendous value to your home for many years to come. Depending on the age of your home and how well it was built the biggest hidden problem you may encounter is water damage, so look for structural deficiencies in the floor framing, not properly vented plumbing, old corroded plumbing, non-waterproof tile shower/tub surrounds, etc. Source:  Freshome


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