4 Bathroom Emergencies That Require Professional Help

A plumbing emergency can occur at any time and cause devastating damage that can be extremely

costly to repair. Plumbing emergencies range from benign ones like frozen pipes or small leaks to emergencies that can wreak havoc in your home like gas leaks or broken sewer lines. The worst thing is that these emergencies could prove harmful or even fatal to your family.

Every homeowner needs to have the basic tools to handle a plumbing emergency. However, some emergencies are better left to professional, even if you are a master DIY-er. While you might be able to handle the immediate emergency, the underlying cause is sometimes difficult to detect. These underlying issues, if left unchecked, could cause even more harm in the future.

This is why you should leave some plumbing emergencies to experienced companies like Plumbing Plus. The most serious emergencies that require a professional with the right tools and years of experience are:

Burst Pipes

Compared to the other emergencies on this list, burst pipes might seem like something trivial. However,burst pipes could cause some serious damage to your home. But before you call in the pros, make sure to close the main water valve to prevent the water from causing even more damage. If you don’t know where your main valve is located, call a plumber immediately. Also, if you don’t know where your valves are and what they do, ask a plumber to label them. You never know when you might need to shut the water supply again.

Gas Leaks

The most obvious example of a plumbing emergency best left to a professional is a gas leak. You cannot 4 Bathroom Emergencies That Require Professional Helpmiss a gas leak, as the unpleasant, unique odor is a dead giveaway. If you feel the smell of gas immediately leave your house and call an emergency plumber. A gas leak could result in poisoning, death and serious damage to your home. After you’ve evacuated the house make sure to close the main gas valve if you can safely reach it and leave the rest to a skilled plumber.

This emergency could cause serious problems in the winter, especially if you live with children, seniors or an ill individual. Before you look for professional help check if the thermostat or the burner are switched off, as homeowners often overlook these common issues. Next, check if the circuit breaker shorted out. If it did, resetting it will fix your emergency. Finally, check if there’s enough liquid in the oil tank if your heater uses oil. If nothing helps, there’s nothing you can do other than call in a professional.

Clogged Drain

When the water won’t pass through your tub, toilet or sink, you are likely dealing with a clogged drain. While partial clogs can be dealt with using a plunger, more serious ones may require an expert with the right tools. This is especially true if you are experiencing this issue on a regular basis. Using commercial cleaners can help but at a cost. Commercial cleaners can wreak serious havoc on your pipes, and cause an even more serious issue. Needless to say, a clogged drain can seriously endanger your family’s health.

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