3 Tips to Maximize Bathroom Space

Clutter can easily make a room look smaller. But if you already have a small bathroom to begin with, keeping things organized may not be enough to make the space look easy on the eyes. To make a bathroom look bigger, maximize the space by following these tips:

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Open Up Floor Space
If you have alternative storage or a linen closet, replace the vanity cabinet with a pedestal or wall-mount sink. While the additional floor space won’t exactly be usable, it will trick the eye into believing the room is larger. Source: DIYNetwork

Use Glass
Get rid of the shower curtain or frosted-glass shower doors and replace them with clear glass. It will open up the shower area, making it a part of the entire room and giving the appearance of more space. Source: DIYNetwork

Trick the Eye
Various visual effects give the illusion of more space in your bathroom than actually exists. A well-placed mirror reflects light and adds depth to a room. Hang one large mirror in the bathroom, positioning it so it’s one of the first things you see when you walk in the door. Or add a decorative eye-catching focal point such as a painting, sculpture or plant. Having something attractive for the eye to fall on takes the focus off of the fact that the space is small.
Painting in light, neutral tones also helps open up the room, as does using multiple shades of the same light paint color. Opt for paint colors like beige, cream, taupe and off-white, as well as muted blue, gray, yellow, pink and blue. If you want bright complementary colors, introduce them through accessories like towels and soap dispensers. Source: Learn.CompactAppliance


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