3 Tips on Keeping Your Bathroom Vanity Clean

One of the messiest places in most households is the bathroom vanity. It holds makeup, bathroom cleansers, toilet papers, and other personal stuff that are best kept clean. Use the following tips in order to keep this area neat and hygienic.

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Decide on and prepare your vanity cleaner
Because there are so many different kinds of vanities (wood, glass, marble, laminate), you’ll need to find out what kind of cleaner your bathroom vanity requires. If you use the wrong kind of cleaner on your bathroom vanity, you may end up ruining it instead of improving its looks. Read the directions on the cleaner bottle to find out whether you can just put it straight on the vanity or if it needs to be diluted with water. If you take care and follow the directions, then you’re sure to get the best possible outcome. Source: Overstock

Analyze your space
Now that you are ready to refill your cabinets, take a look at your space and decide where each item belongs. If there is something that you need frequently, like toilet paper or a hair dryer, keep those things within easy reach. Items that are used less often, like extra shampoo or cleaning supplies can be kept further back or on a lower shelf. You may want buy plastic containers to organize certain items, but if you like to save money, emptied ice cream buckets or sour cream containers work nicely too. Source: Cleaning.Tips

Assess your need for more
…. storage that is. If your shelf, cabinet, or chest is too small for the items you’re trying to hold, it will always feel cramped and cluttered. If your space won’t hold additional storage, try finding a place elsewhere in your home to hold things that don’t have to be stored in the bathroom. Try keeping medicine in the kitchen, or even in a plastic tub under your bed. That way, when you reach for the toothpaste, nothing will fall out on you! Source: ApartmentTherapy

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