3 Things to Remember When Choosing Bathroom Grout Color

Picking the right grout color is much more important than you might think. It can affect the whole look you’re going for and also how much time you will have to spend scrubbing your bathroom floor. Before you decide on anything, make sure you read the following:

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How often would you like to clean the floor?
Your choice won’t just influence the look of the space; it will also affect how much scrubbing you’ll need to do. “Light-color grout needs to be cleaned more often. Darker grout can produce efflorescence that will need to be cleaned and removed,” says Walker. Either way, he suggests sealing the grout to prevent stains. Source: ArchitecturalDigest

Consider creating a cohesive look
Colorful grout works especially well when it picks up a hue that is found elsewhere in the space, so it feels harmonious to the palette instead of coming out of nowhere. It’s definitely not for everyone, but for those who want a unique look, it can add a lot of personality. Just keep in mind that your grout is not nearly as easy to replace as a coat of paint, so you’ll want to be sure to pick a color you truly love and not a fleeting trend. Source: Houzz

Take a hint from your tiles
Decide what color tiles you are going to use. There are a wide range of tile materials and designs to choose from, each with its own characteristics and appearance. Do you want tiles with a solid color or printed patterns? Are they manufactured porcelain or ceramic, or are they natural stone? Are you using mosaic sheets with differently-colored tiles? Understanding the color composition of the tile that you choose will help you find the most complimentary grout. Source: WikiHow

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