3 Things to Consider When Buying a Toilet Seat

Toilet seats are rarely damaged, so when it’s time to replace the old one, people often go into the store without having any idea as to what type of toilet seat they should look for. Find the best toilet seat for you by taking note of the following:

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Type of material 
There are three materials you can choose from when it comes to toilet seats.  There are plastic, wood, and cushioned seats. Most toilet seats are made out of high-impact plastic or a plastic coating over composite wood. Plastic seats come in white, black and several pastel colors. The downside of plastic toilet seats is that they can be very cold in winter and also in summer when central air is running, and they are more likely to split and tend to show marks from cleaning. If you hate cold toilet seats you may want to choose a natural wood since its warmer, but it can be stained or damaged by many toilet bowl cleaners. So if you do choose a natural wood make sure to buy a toilet bowl cleaner that won’t damage the seat. Cushioned seats are nice and soft but tend to crack and split over time. If you really hate cold toilet seats, consider buying a heated toilet seat. Source: Ebay

The shape of a replacement toilet seat is also a factor to consider. Some toilet bowls are designed in a round shape, while others have a more elongated oval design. While a round seat can technically fit on a oval toilet, it won’t have a very aesthetic appearance. When shopping for a new one, match round with round and oval with oval. Some oval seats may even be more elongated than others, so you may want to take some measurements or look for a similar toilet while in the store. Source: WiseGeek

Type of Hinge
The cost of toilet seat hinges is relatively inexpensive. Determine which toilet seat hinges are available in the size you need, as well as the amount of screws and distance between them. The list will certainly be much smaller. If cost is a factor, eliminate the styles out of your price range. The following toilet seat hinges are styles you may come across:

  • Plastic: Inexpensive, not very durable but easily replaced
  • Metal: A much better look, durable and little pricey, but still affordable
  • Designer: More expensive and usually made for specific brands of toilets
  • Pneumatic: Expensive, but these toilet seat hinges stop the seat from crashing down, limited sizes
  • Rod and Hinge: Expensive but can usually be sized for any toilet, one long metal arm with hinges attached Source: DoItYourself

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