3 Things to Add to Your Bath That Are Good For Your Skin

Take your bathing experience to another level by adding ingredients that provide wonderful benefits for your skin. Try to start with the following:

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If you’re used to having a bowl of this whole-grain powerhouse for breakfast, you’re already well aware of its amazing benefits. But not only is it good to eat, it’s amazing to bathe in—especially during winter. “Oatmeal helps provide soothing relief for dry skin, rashes, sunburn, and other everyday skin irritation due to its healthy fat content,” says Schlessinger. “Oats also contain natural cleansers that help keep pores free of impurities and proteins that help skin maintain its natural moisture barrier.” Source: WomensHealthMag

Raw Honey
Raw honey does amazing things for your skin – in fact, Cleopatra was even said to take honey baths to maintain her gorgeous complexion. It’s naturally antibacterial, making it outstanding for both preventing and treating acne, and because it’s filled with antioxidants it’s great for slowing down aging too. It’s also considered to be clarifying as it helps to open up the pores, making them easier to unclog.

Honey not only helps to moisturize the skin but it helps it retain moisture, and even those with sensitive, easily irritated skin can use it too. If you’re battling dry winter skin, a honey bath is the ideal prescription. That’s because as the seasons change the skin tends to go into overdrive in an effort to rebalance itself to the conditions. Source: NaturalLivingIdeas

Epsom Salt
Wonderful at easing muscle soreness and relieving tension, Epsom salt can be added to almost any bath recipe. It’s also a good source of magnesium and makes skin soft and smooth. Source: HelloGlow

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