3 Signs that Your Bathroom is Outdated

Leave the 1960s behind by treating your home to a much-needed update. When you plan your remodel, don’t forget to say goodbye to the following:

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Poor layout
Awkward bathroom layout is another indication that it’s time for an update. Odd arrangements, such as a toilet directly next to the bathtub, are typical in bungalows and houses built in the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s, when plumbing was a new phenomenon.

The fix: Installing a separate water closet can be a winning move, Merschat says. “It gives a nice bit of refinement to the room when the toilet isn’t sitting out in the middle of the space.” Source: Zillow

Popcorn ceiling
Come on. You know better. You should have scraped off that terrible popcorn ceiling years ago, but you’ve procrastinated, and procrastinated, and… well, just do it now. Do we really have to explain why?

“These significantly date a home and look like a giant, messy project to potential buyers,” Finch says.

Considering how simple they are to remove, there’s no reason to keep putting this off—just hire an affordable contractor, and don’t forget to check for asbestos. Source: Realtor

Old-fashioned fixtures
Dull, clear-knobbed brass faucets, plate mirrors, and bathroom fixtures in beige, bisque and bone are anything but current — and industry experts are now even declaring whirlpool bathtubs to be past their prime.

The fix: Think clean and crisp. White fixtures, framed mirrors, and sleek faucets in chrome, nickel or gold will go a long way in helping you modernize an outdated bathroom.

And if you’ve got the room and the budget to swap your old bathtub for a deep, free-standing soaker, you’ll create the kind of modern bathroom oasis that will impress and inspire your neighbours and friends. Source: TheSpec

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